Reflection on Semester 1

One of the most important moments that I reflect on from semester 1 was from my elective module. The base moment from this was the moment I received notification that I had failed my first Politics essay. This essay was micro essay made up of 750 to test our knowledge and effort towards this course. This devastated me as I have always been an achiever throughout school and worked my hardest to acquire the best scores on tests/exams. Unfortunately, I received a M1, this is a marginal fail by 1 mark. My feedback pinpointed my referencing and key points was a bit all over the place – baring in mind this was my first ever university essay – and therefore received a fail. From this, I picked myself up and tried to remain positive about this although challenging at times. Coming up to the next essay to submit I still tried to remain this front of positive attitude, although about a week before the deadline I had a meltdown which resulted in me wanting to remove myself from the elective and join another one. With this goal in my head I set up a meeting with my advisor of studies where I told her I was determined to change because I just can’t do it. She advised me to stick with it and things will get better and aided me with my skills for the next essay. From this I decided to consult my mum on my options, she told me to continue to write the next essay and see what would come from this. With doubt in my mind I began to write this next essay, crying through almost it all. I persevered and finished the essay, taking particular care with the essay structure and points and my referencing’s and in fact finished the essay that day.  After submitting the essay early I felt no confidence in my work at all, and feared the day of results. That day came when the notification came through and I had achieved a C2. This was just brilliant for my self-esteem and I celebrated fully. After this I began to feel more confident and instantly began to write my third and final essay, completing this 3 weeks early. I felt confident with this essay and submitted it early again. I received a B3. I was absolutely delighted gaining an overall C2 for the module. Which I believed was excellent coming from a fail to a B. This has taught me to have confidence and persevere and also to just believe in myself and my abilities. This I will carry all the way through professional practice, to show children that things will pick themselves up and the storm will always pass.

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  1. I think experiences such as this are more than useful for prospective teachers. In going through this you will be able to relate how you felt and use that to help your pupils through similar scenarios. We don’t all always get it right and pass with flying colours and what may seem like a nightmare to go through can actually, in the end, be quite a useful thing.

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