A memorable learning experience

I can admit I don’t remember much about school, primary school in particular, with this in mind there is something that was life changing  for me in my secondary school career. I remember in my fifth year of secondary school I was going through a very hard time with my mathematics. this is a subject that I could not comprehend in the slightest. I some how was able to successfully pass my national 5 maths with a very good result (no idea how) and then I was encouraged to continue to higher and complete this course.

I remember when my teacher spoke to me about this I was very hesitant with nerves and anticipation but I agreed that I would give this a try baring in mind my struggles with mathematics. I remember walking into the classroom after break time and could only describe it as the worst experience of my life. I remember the lights being out so it was so dark in the classroom and this just heightened my nerves completely. Anyway I began the course and I thought I was actually doing quite well until the first prelim.

After completing this prelim I was awarded a no award for my maths and that was a sign for me to quit and give up. If it hadn’t been for my twin sister I would have never realised my potential and my maths abilities. She was also working through the course but dedicated her time and effort to helping me with my maths, my own personal tutor. Every night we did at least 2 hours of maths on top of other subjects that we were revising and I don’t know how or when, but one day it clicked. I understood. I couldn’t believe it. As school does, it came rapidly quick to the date of our second prelim. I remember walking into the exam hall hands sweating. I completed the paper and shortly after I was told I was awarded a C I was so happy. So so happy. After this the exam came round, and my sister worked with me EVERY NIGHT and by results day for exams I was awarded an overall B for my final exam.

This experience is something that has taught me a lot and I will always remember it. It taught me a lot of things:

  • know the power of yet, you can’t do something.. YET
  • Never give up on something you care about
  • You will never be great at something straight of the bat
  • Always be kind to people and give help
  • Treat people how you would like to be treated.

But most importantly, to have confidence in your own progression and development. I now realise if I can’t do something that’s completely okay, because if you want it hard enough it will happen. I have used this courage through multiple placements particularly with behaviour management, as well as personal goals and this has all allowed me to become the person I am today and I am proud of that person. But most importantly, always appreciate help and you don’t have to suffer alone. Someone will always be there and that’s what I wish to be when I am a teacher, a friendly face to help progression and an agony aunt with problems. A problem shared is a problem halved.