The Resource Allocation Task – 19/09/17

On Tuesday the 19th of September we had our first tutorial. Due to the large size of the class we was split into two groups; I was in group 1 for this particular task. In this tutorial we was instructed to move into smaller groups in order to complete the task better. We was split into 5 individual groups and each given a pack which had unknown items in each, I was in group 5. When we opened our pack we had limited resources which included; a piece of paper, two posits, 5 paper clips, blue tack, pens and a pencil. With this items we was instructed to make something that would be useful for a new student at Dundee university student to use.

Our group came up with the idea to come up the an idea to make a pencil case with all useful resources in it, we did this by folding the piece of paper and sticking it together with blue tack. We used the posits to write useful emails and a personalised timetable for the new students to use and put them on the back of the paper. We then placed all remaining items in the paper and constructed a pencil case.

After this task we was given scores, group 1 was scored 9/10, group 2 was scored 8/10, 3 was scored 4/10, 4 was scored 2/10 and our group was scored a low 1/10. This confused our group as we all worked the hardest we could with we materials we was given. After the scores was given this lead into a discussion about why other groups was scored higher. We soon discovered that this was because they had more resources than what we did.

The idea of this task was to show that when people have more than others they often don’t realise that they do and will just take everything for granted and get better praise for a less amount of work. This showed us how working in a primary school may work with people having more than others getting a higher credit.