The Importance of Dance

I was pleasantly surprised by Eilidh Slattery’s dance input and the importance of dance in the curriculum has become even clearer to me. In the Expressive Arts Principles and Practice (Curriculum for Excellence), it is stated that dance is essential to children’s educational experience as it “promotes self-esteem” and teaches “creativity and innovation”. It is also important to give children an outlet to express themselves and ensure their mental wellbeing. One challenge I thought I would face in teaching dance is that it would be difficult to get every child to engage in the activity, as there is a risk that dancing can be seen as more “girly” and boys will be hesitant to express themselves on the same level. However after today’s input it has become more clear to me how I could encourage every child to partake in dancing.

Since dancing is all about expressing yourself, I would encourage a lesson on children making up their own routines in groups – I think allowing them the opportunity to be imaginative will engage them more. Group work would also be useful as children can learn the importance of teamwork and leadership, but also compromise. Finally, by encouraging the children to perform in front of the class in their groups will ensure children acquire the skills we want to teach – ability to take risks, to be able to give constructive criticism and to promote confidence. Dance is also a great way to keep children fit in a fun and light-hearted way. Physical activity is important as according to the 2012 Scottish Health Survey, ‘almost two-thirds of 2-15 year olds met the physical activity recommendation of doing at least 60 minutes physical activity a day’. As teachers, we must continue to teach the importance of being healthy and engaging children in fun ways of doing this at school will be beneficial.

I think that everyone has preconceptions when it comes to dancing – I admit that I was also apprehensive at the mention of ‘dance’. Many people’s lack of confidence comes from lack of experience, so encouraging children to enjoy themselves through dance and also learn things from dance will be a great addition to their school experience and maybe even something I’ll be thanked for in my pupil’s Britain’s Got Talent awards speech!

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  1. This was a very interesting post Julia! I enjoyed hearing about your experience of dance and how you plan to teach it in the future. Similarly, I was also unsure about the idea of dancing, but found it to be a great experience and a very valuable area of the curriculum.

    All the best,

  2. This is a good reflective piece. Eilidh will be pleased to know you enjoyed her input.

    Dance is a great way for children to express themselves and learn more about how their body moves. It also allows children to flourish who may not always be academic in Literacy and Numeracy.

    I am pleased you have thought about some of the challenges that you may face, particularly with boys but there are lots of ways to support this.

    Well done.

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