Racism and the Patriarchy

I found Derek Robertson’s lecture input on racism and the patriarchy to be very interesting and relating well to the career I will be entering.

On the subject of racism, I think it is really shocking that such a primitive issue is still present in 21st Century society and unfortunately it affects even those of a young age still in school. Having racist ideologies, often relating back to how historically the white race was deemed superior, leads to prejudice and discrimination. Neither of these should be tolerated in the fair and equal society we are trying to promote and welcome young children into. Unfortunately it is clearly still a hot issue in the world today as only this year there were disputes in the USA over police brutality against black people and also protests where black people kneeled for the national anthem to highlight how there is ongoing racial inequality in their country. I will certainly inform children of stories relating to racism in the world today and it is ever more important that teachers provide an insight into this issue and why it is wrong for anyone to treat others differently because of their skin colour.

I also found Derek’s notes on the patriarchy to be thought-provoking as women’s rights are again a contemporary issue. The children that I teach will inarguably be growing up in the most gender-equal world there has ever been, but still cases exist where woman are treated as inferior. While things are improving, for example the gender pay gap closing, it is still inexplicable how most teachers are female but most headteachers are male. It is a strange thing to have to explain to a young girl why society would favour a man in a profession, but unfortunately it is a reality. A really positive movement I will definitely support when I am a teacher is to encourage more girls into STEM subjects, as now there is a stark male majority in the sector because women have been discouraged from pursing the career for so long. As a teacher of the future generations, I look forward to helping children form their own views on matters of society which will undoubtedly concern them.

These issues are embedded in modern society and I am pleased that change is coming as younger generations step up to face the problems. My job as a teacher will be to educate on the issue and encourage them to join the fight for the equality everyone has a right to.

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  1. It is heartening to see you are continuing to reflect on the lectures you are attending and how these relate to education and being a teacher. As you state, it is imperative we ensure we are informing our children of their rights and the rights of others and the importance of not holding beliefs based on prejudice and bias based on gender, race and ethnicity. This has to be reinforced within the classroom.

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