Why do I want to be a teacher?

Overcoming my own struggles with dyslexia through the support and care of various teachers has shown to me the difference teachers can and do make. This has inspired and encouraged me to follow my long term ambition to teach. All the primary teachers I have ever had, have encouraged me and been understanding, which has always made me feel as though I can achieve anything I want. This has made me want to go on and teach myself so that I can help children and make them feel this way too. After helping in both main stream schools  as well as school’s for children with special needs it reinforced to me the impact that teachers have on a young person.

All through my life i have help with my younger sister who attended one the the special needs school i volunteered at. I helped her lean the thing most children pick up at a younger age, such as how to walk, talk and start to become slightly in-depend. Her now being 14 i still have to do many thing for her and this has built on my patiences and understanding. When i was taking on the role and helping to teach her i found it fun and rewarding. This is what i had always been looking for in the career and as soon as i felt like this I knew teaching was for me. I can’t remember a time now when i didn’t want to teach, and i feel my commitment and love for the profession has only grown over time.

The idea of continuing to help children and young people learn thrills me as i know it is building the foundations for the future. Having had these experiences it has made me excited for the future and what direction teaching is going in, further more, this has encouraged me to persue a career in primary teaching.