Why Teaching?

I have drawn to a profession in teaching from a young age and as I progressed through school I began to appreciate the impact teachers can have on children. Being a teaching means you have the opportunity to help change and shape young peoples lives and can help them grow as individuals ready to move on in the world and achieve their dreams.

When I was beginning to think of what career I may choose I watched an episode of the programme ‘Educating Yorkshire’  and it really showed how teachers change lives, inspiring me to become a teacher. The programme showed a young boy who struggled with a stutter how an incredible teacher helped him overcome this in order to achieve his grades for college.

This shows the huge impact teachers can have on a child’s life and I want to have the chance to make a difference like this.

In my years work experience in a local drama school I could really see that the work I was doing was making a difference. I was able to watch young children come out of their shells, developing skills in not just drama but in confidence and communication.  similarly in my work experience in a local primary school i helped develop literacy skills and saw children go from not being able to read to reading a whole book in a relatively short period of time. I found these experiences so rewarding and it confirmed that teaching was the correct career path for me. I am so excited to have the opportunity to impact children’s lives on a daily basis.