Some H5P content can be automatically scored and marked. Scores are recorded if the player is logged onto the blog. That is they have a role on the blog and are logged on.

Logged on users can see their results by going to the Dashboard.

Dashboard for subscriber. Subscribers cannot see most of the dashboard.
Subscribers view of their results.

The Administrator of the blog can see all the results for H5P content. They first go to the Dashboard and then H5P content they will see a list of all content on the site, this can be filtered.

H5P content filtered for content tagged 2d shape

Clicking on Results will show all the results recorded for the content:

To record players results they must have an account, you can add users in the usual way. Subscriber accounts will allow pupils to record results without being able to create anything else on the site.

You can use the Register With this Site widget to allow any Glow User to add themselves as a Subscriber on your blog.

You can try this on this blog. At the bottom of pages in the blog you can see the Register With this Site button if you are logged into glow.

We also have a special link to log people into Glow and return them to the Examples pages on this site. Feel free to try this out, try some of the examples and check your results.

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