Reciprocal Reading Programme

The RIC Reciprocal Reading programme gained Education Scotland endorsement before the summer break:

An online version of this programme has been running since August 2020 and many schools across FVWL are participating.

Programme Outline

  1. Online meeting via Teams: Introduction to Reciprocal Reading & Improvement Methodology (1 hour).
  2. Consolidation: video – Dr. Kylie Bradfield, Stirling University (1 hour)
  3. Reciprocal Reading in Practice: videos & questions for consideration (1 hour).
  4. Approaches: read the article by Kelley Stricklin then consider suitable approaches for your class (1 hour).
  5. Online meeting via Teams to discuss progress & introduce “Think Alouds” (1 hour).
  6. Think Alouds: read the paper then prepare your own modelling lesson (1 hour).
  7. Implementation in school using teacher confidence and learner engagement forms to track progress
  8. Online discussion via Teams to discuss progress (1 hour).

Please contact Dr Janet Adam for further details:

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