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Zip is a simple, effective supplementary adaptive phonics  resource for ages 5-7 designed to support existing phonics programmes.  It is an adaptive learning system. Its alogorithm knows when a child has mastered content, and progresses them to the next phase and set as appropriate. Zip has a Scottish voice option, an English voice option and an Australian voice option. Schools and children using Zip are very positive about it indeed. You can learn more about Zip here.

ReadingWise  would like to offer Zip to all children in your school  free from now until the coronavirus challenge is over. We don’t know when that will be. For now, they  are saying from now until the end of April. If schools remain closed after that, then they  will continue to support you with Zip at no cost until you return to school.

Learners’ Library: comprehension resources for ages 6 – 13

The Learners’ Library covers comprehension. It includes a range of texts from the classics to Roald Dahl. You can learn more about it here.


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