iheart and FV&WL RIC collaboration – pilot results

Please find attached details about our Resilience and Webinar series in collaboration with the iheart charity.


  • 60 participants started the course, 54 completed.
  • 4 week staff resilience and well-being programme consisting of staff taking part in 2 x 1.5hr hour sessions per week for 4 weeks.
  • CLPL lead officer along with a data coach from Falkirk ensured rigorous analysis of the data produced during the course.
  • Based on pre questionnaire, course was designed to support staff in a number of areas: stress, worry, anxiety, work life balance and return to work post Covid.
  • During the course, short surveys were completed at the end of each week and used to develop the following sessions so that participant demands could be appropriately addressed – in line with improvement methodology principles.
  • Particularly statistical significance with: ability to manage stress (+56%); ability to manage worry (+51%); ability to manage anxiety (+43%); ability to manage a return to workplace post CV-19 (+44%); and ability to manage work/life balance (+55%).
  • Entirely webinar based approach.

iheart Educators Storyboard FV&WL Pilot May-June 2020

iheart Feedback and Testimonials FV&WL RIC Pilot May-June 2020

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