Hub Activity of the week: Jackanory returns!



  • Watch one part each day. Think about how the reader, Rik  Mayall, brings the story to life.
  • On Friday,  when you have heard the whole story,  plan how you will create your own  Jackanory programme to share with others next week.
  • Which book will you choose to read aloud to others?
  • How will you share your reading?

Part 1 The Marvellous Plan

Part 2   The Cook up

Part 3  Grandma gets the medicine

Part 4 The pigs, the bullocks, the sheep, the pony and the nanny-goat

Part 5 Marvellous Medicine numbers two, three and four

Please share via @fvwlric and @fvwlriclit how your learners used this resource!

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