Learning from extreme weather and flood news releases in Scotland

Over the festive period, persistent rain across Scotland has taken its toll on communities throughout the country. Areas such as Ayrshire, Borders and Dumfries and Galloway have been hit particularly hard, requiring people having to be evacuated from properties or rescued from areas where rising river levels have placed people in immediate danger.

A number of emergency meetings were been held by the Scottish Government resilience team before the new year – many involving ministers. Local multi-agency response arrangements have since been initiated in a number of places across Scotland to support those worst affected and to mitigate the impact.

The Scottish Government newsroom has released several articles in relation to the extreme weather. The following links can be used to access more information:

Flooding response continues: http://bit.ly/197P775

Latest Weather warnings: http://bit.ly/JDuPGX

Vigilance urged as flood threat continues: http://bit.ly/1dIDnqW

Flood Threat Continues: http://bit.ly/KvSCcF

Weather – Scotland’s Response:  http://bit.ly/1cT46AY

More information can also be found from BBC news footage:

UK weather report – Sever warnings: http://bbc.in/1lvUobr

High tide in Ardrossan: http://bbc.in/KsWnim

Dumfries and Galloway flooding: http://bbc.in/1klRzeY

A full account of 2013’s global weather and links to climate change can be also be found at: http://bbc.in/KsNC81

For teaching and learning ideas related to extreme weather, flooding and climate change, visit the resources section of Education Scotland’s ‘Ready for Emergencies website’.

Also be sure to sign up for free flood warning in your local area through the SEPA (Scottish Environmental Protection Agency) website: http://bit.ly/1cCJ2uB