Astrobiology Summer Academy 13th-16th July 2014

The Astrobiology Summer Academy is a four day CPD programme (Sunday to Wednesday) for Biology AND Physics teachers to learn about the science of Astrobiology and work with researchers and lecturers to develop CfE lesson plans for topics such as ‘extremophiles’ (CfE Higher Biology) and ‘life in the Universe’ (SCN-3-06a, SCN 4-06a).

During the four days you will learn about the origin of life, the possibility of life on other planets, and the study of life in Earth’s extreme environments, such as in the Antarctic ice sheets and deep ocean hydrothermal vents.

The expectation is that during the four days you will also take part in the development of distinctive lesson plans to be implemented in schools shortly afterwards and made available to teachers. These lessons plans will be consistent with the CfE curriculum and you will receive assistance in bringing them together.

 There are 20 places available for teachers and you can register your interest at

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Charles Cockell,
Professor of Astrobiology,
Room 1502,
UK Centre for Astrobiology,
School of Physics and Astronomy,
James Clerk Maxwell Building,
The King’s Buildings,
University of Edinburgh,
Twitter: @UKAstrobiology

UK Centre for Astrobiology: