Bringing Sustainability to Life

Year of Natural Scotland: working in partnership to bring sustainability to life at Dundee Science Centre Science Learning Institute.

Last Friday, Dundee Science Centre were joined by over 200 children from P6/7 at Kinross Primary School, St Mary’s RC Primary School Dundee and St Vincent’s RC Primary School Dundee. Children experienced an informative, hands-on day of learning about renewable energy and low carbon living.

Renewable energy scientists from Marine Scotland took the children on a journey from ancient Greece, through the discovery of electricity, to renewable and non-renewable energy sources. Children learned about the differences between renewable and non renewables, and explored amazing new technologies being developed to tap into our natural wind, tidal and wave energy sources. A Pelamis wave snake, and functioning model wind turbine really grabbed their attention.

Sustrans attended with their electric bikes and all children took part with great gusto in an energy challenge with Solar Cities Scotland. Taking it in turns, the children attempted to use muscle power to charge a capacitor to make music and smoothies, learning about the cost of power the hard way!

Dundee Science Centre is delighted to be working in partnership as part of Year of Natural Scotland to bring sustainable, low carbon technologies alive for children.