Upcoming webinars and online opportunities for CLD

The Education Scotland team have collated a number of webinars and online opportunities hosted by ourselves and others that may be of relevance to CLD practitioners and managers. See details of dates, times, platform where available and link for signing up below.

Tuesday 27th July: 10 – 12noon, Volunteer Scotland: Volunteers Mental Wellbeing, https://bit.ly/3mDGDN8

Friday 30th July: 1 – 3pm, YouthLink Scotland: Participative Democracy Certificate training, https://bit.ly/2UHnccj

Monday 2nd August: 10 – 12.30pm, Children in Scotland: UNCRC, participation & engagement (for Youth Arts sector), https://bit.ly/3wOn3Sw

Wednesday 4th August: 12 – 12.40pm, Scottish Centre for Conflict Resolution: Understanding Anger, https://bit.ly/3eMoN7O

Wednesday 4th August: 2 -4pm, Volunteer Scotland: Volunteer Induction, https://bit.ly/3g0cN4d

Tuesday 10th August: 2 – 3.30pm, YouthLink Scotland: Youth-led participatory budgeting – a national conversation, https://bit.ly/2SzTXYg

Thursday 12th August: 2 -4pm, Volunteer Scotland: Managing difficult situations, https://bit.ly/3wHT1jM

Tuesday 17th August: 2.30 – 4.30pm, Children in Scotland: Creating inclusive settings: Engaging neurodivergent children (for Youth Arts sector), https://bit.ly/2Urr41f

Tuesday 17th August: 6 -8, Youth Scotland: Feel Good Activity Kit & Hi5 Awards, Zoom, https://bit.ly/3e1T9Cq

Tuesday 24th August: 10 – 3pm, SCQF: My skills, my future, https://bit.ly/3hx3HMA

Tuesday 24th August: 4 – 5pm, Education Scotland: Supporting Children and Families – Children’s rights and engaging with parents and families, MS Teams, https://bit.ly/2ST3UQq

Wednesday 25th August: 10 – 11.30am, Youth Work & Schools Collaborative: Professional dialogue session,  https://bit.ly/3qzMPrv

Wednesday 25th August: 2 – 4pm, Volunteer Scotland: Supporting volunteers, https://bit.ly/2TLVlY6

Wednesday 25th August: 6 – 8pm, Youth Scotland: Creative waste environmental workshop, https://bit.ly/3wN2VzC

Friday 27th August: 10 – 12noon, Youth Scotland: Arts Toolkit Training, https://bit.ly/3uVzUka

Tuesday 31st August: 10 – 1pm, Youth Scotland: Child protection officer course, https://bit.ly/2UZvVXm

Wednesday 1st September: 10 – 1pm, Education Scotland/YouthLInk Scotland: What? Why? How? Childrens Rights for Youth Work, Zoom, https://bit.ly/3uz8W1C

Thursday 2nd September: 10 – 4pm, SCQF: Would you credit it? https://bit.ly/2TYCBoA

Thursday 2nd September: 10 – 12noon, Volunteer Scotland: Involving and matching volunteers to roles/tasks, https://bit.ly/3xGjopR

Tuesday 7th September: 10 – 12noon, YouthLink Scotland/Lothian Association of Youth Clubs: What is Youth Work’s role in the school age childcare sector? https://bit.ly/3zJR5sr

Thursday 9th September & Thursday 23rd September: 10 – 12noon, Glasgow Science Centre: STEM training for CLD practitioners (20 places), https://bit.ly/3hs9fZg

Tuesday 14th September: 10 – 1pm, Youth Scotland: Understanding Autism Awareness, https://bit.ly/3hPP4UO

Wednesday 15th September: 10 – 12noon, Volunteer Scotland: Developing a volunteer culture, https://bit.ly/35GQdXS

Wednesday 15th September: 10 – 1pm, Youth Scotland: What’s the harm? Self harm awareness and skills training, https://bit.ly/3BhtcJz

Tuesday 21st – Thursday 23rd September: 10 – 4pm, Education Scotland: Scottish learning Festival (online) SAVE THE DATE

Thursday 23rd September: 2 – 4pm, Volunteer Scotland: Developing volunteer roles, https://bit.ly/3vLXbWj

Tuesday 28th September: 10 – 12noon, Volunteer Scotland: Developing volunteer strategy, https://bit.ly/2TRPSyO

Wednesday 29th September: SAVE THE DATE: Community Development Alliance Scotland, National Conference 2021

Thursday 30th September: 6 – 8pm, Youth Scotland: Arts Toolkit Training, https://bit.ly/3etSRoI

Tuesday 5th/Wednesday 6th October: SAVE THE DATE: YouthLink Scotland: National Youth Work Conference

Also check out https://bit.ly/3fN7Fgi and https://bit.ly/2V4g5Iw for a range of pre-recorded webinars from the Education Scotland Digital Skills team. These were created for formal education setting, but the content will be a just as relevant to CLD practitioners. For example, learn how to use Microsoft Forms for quizzes and surveys or watch the session on online gaming and gambling.

Please contact Susan.Epsworth@educationscotland.gov.scot if you would like us to promote something on your behalf

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