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5 Values for a Professional

As a professional, we are constantly questioning the skills and traits that we possess in order to aim to be the best possible teacher. Our values are key in the way that we deal with our emotions and also how we deal with those around us. From the list provided, 5 values have been chosen and a description of how they relate to the role of a teacher has been given:

1. Patience – As a teacher, this is a vital skill to have. With the needs of children constantly changing, and additional support needs being given a higher recognition within the class, patience can be a key factor in supporting development. It allows for there to be time to educate to a quality standard, whilst understanding that learning styles/rates will mean that each child will learn at a different pace – the end result of a child being able to understand is key though, regardless of the time.

2. Respect – Teachers are meant to be respected. They are after all educating the future generation? Correct? Wrong. Respect is something which must be earned, and is in a two way street – the child must learn to respect the teacher, and the teacher must learn to respect the child. Respect is an attitude of admiration for someone, which shows that you regard them in a high manner. As a teacher, we are able to show respect to the children in the classroom to the children, but also to other members of staff, parents and professionals. This can be key for providing the best possible care for children, as many schools host weekly meetings with other organisations such as Social Work, police and NHS professionals should there be any kind of concern for a child’s welfare.

3. Fairness – This is the personal quality of making judgements about situations without being purposefully discriminatory towards someone. Within a school setting, it is extremely important to be fair towards the children so that they do not feel as though they have been individually picked on. Whilst it is easy to have a favourite and least favourite child, for whatever reason, this should be discouraged to ensure each child is treated the same.

4. Empathy – This is when you are able to enter and relate into a mutual understanding of another person’s feelings. Whilst acting as a professional, the role of a teacher would effect this as we must consider a range of people such as the parents, children and staff’s feelings when in discussion about different matters. This is because we must consider how we would feel if we were in that particular situation, so that we can be approachable for anyone to come and speak to us.

5. Integrity – This relates to our own moral soundness as a professional. To work within schools, we are constantly reminded and encouraged to be having independent professional development. If we are aware of what our own aims are, and what we expect, then we are then able to conform our educating around this to be able to allow the children to see our expectations. By knowing what we would like to achieve, we can then set goals and hope to achieve this.

The initial spark for my interest in teaching

My interest in becoming a teacher first began at primary school. Here I saw great teachers inspiring me to learn and encourage me to reach my full potential. As I passed through high school I was given the opportunity to go out 1 day per week to a local school and assist the children during their day. I enjoyed this so much that I went on to do an access course to childcare and was given 2 placements. These were in a school, nursery and baby room setting and they gave me a whole new perspective on teaching, having previously been the pupil!

My main reason for wanting to be a qualified teacher is that I have saw both the challenges and the delights of working with children. There is no denying the fact that the job is both exhausting and demanding, but it is also extremely pleasing to know that my input will improve children’s education, general confidence and happiness. This alone has made me want to be a teacher. I also get satisfaction from seeing the children feel proud of work that they have done, whilst enjoying themselves.

I also wanted to become a teacher because I believe I have a good skill set which is required to be a teacher –  I have a caring personality, I am confident, organised and have good work ethic. These skills were used and strengthened by my role as Student Rep at college. Here I listened to other students ideas to try understand their views about issues. I was dealing with people’s problems and working with other staff to try and get issues resolved. This is like working in a school, where you must work as a team to get effective results. Also, from working in a shop I feel that I have built up good communication skills – I am serving and dealing with customers and with the aim of giving them a positive experience within the shop.

Once qualified (or, IF (!!!) I survive the 4 years!) I hope to become one of the teachers within the community that is viewed as an excellent teacher, and one that both the children and parents are excited to have as an educator for the academic year. I hope that my role as a teacher will make learning fun, fresh and interactive for the children, aiming to get away from many of the old school teaching styles which can often still be found within schools.

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Teacher, Lorraine Lapthorne conducts her class in the Grade Two room at the Drouin State School, Drouin, Victoria

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