Monthly Archives: January 2017

Most Valued Moment in Semester One

Throughout the Values and the Working Together modules in semester one I was constantly testing my own personal values and my abilities to work with other professions and characters. When reflecting on the values module the most difficult thing for me was questing how I could work my values into what was seen as ‘professional values’ in the educating profession. By the end of the module I realised that my personal and professional values were not different but were actually very similar.

 The most valuable lesson that I have taken from semester one  is the importance of being there to support every child and strive to achieve equality in the classroom. As the semester progressed and I began to read further into issues that could possibly be out of my control in the classroom. This really made me think about how important it is that I lead by example in the classroom, in an effort to shape the minds of the children I would be teaching, in the hopes that they would carry on these values and strive achieve a more just society.

When the semester was drawing to a close and the 2000 word essay, group presentation and poster that seemed so far away at the start of the semester was just around the corner I began to reflect on everything I had learned throughout my first three months at university. I finally started to realise the importance of what I had been learning and how it would become essential when I am working in the classroom. I can now see the importance of reflection in the classroom as without reflection I would not have gained a greater understanding of the content of my first two modules at university.