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It is possible to create content that isn’t shared online but more of our images and video is shared online. Sharing content publicly has higher risks than private content. If it is shared publicly then there is greater risk of images being shared without permission or commented negatively on.

Privately created content has less inherent risk – if it is private to your device or account and no one can access it, then it is less likely to be shared against your wishes, or commented on negatively. However, even private and un-shared content can still be stolen from hacked accounts – a suitably strong password, 2-factor authentication, or even biometric security should be used to keep the account as secure as possible.


The risks:

  • feeling pressured to create content – appropriate or not
  • creating content that is inappropriate, offensive or harmful
  • having media, private or not, shared without permission

Becoming cyber resilient is the first step to being safer online. Talk to your learners about the devices and accounts that they use to access online information:

  • Ensure they have a secure login, such as password or 2-factor authentication
  • Have they set up account recovery details in case their account is hacked
  • Explore their social media profile – what is public and private? Are they aware of any risks or benefits?

Being more cyber resilient reduces the risk of internet safety issues arising. We all want the internet to be a more welcoming space for children and young people and that is why we promote this positive message of safe, smart and kind.

With your learners:

  • If the content is being created in response to someone else’s content or request – what are their motivations; is there a potential for harm?
  • Ensure that learners are aware of the risks of social media content – could it be be offensive, harmful or bullying to someone else?
  • What does your content say about you – are you creating a smart and kind public presence?

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