Digital Thinking

The programme is structured to support digital leaders at all levels to reflect on current and emerging practice and consider the nature and purpose of digital learning and teaching. Participants will be encouraged to examine and discuss the themes of

  • developing self regulated digital learners
  • opportunities for curriculum change and flexibility
  • enhancing a digitally enabled learning environment

The programme is primarily facilitated online. There will be series of online presentations, discussions and readings, along with problem finding activities around each theme. Groups of participants will collectively use their knowledge to identify potential solutions and ideas to address these issues.

The collective outputs from the sessions will be shared nationally.

This programme may be of particular interest to groups of participants from the same setting, for example school working groups.  Individual participants are welcome to invite colleagues to particular sessions that may be of interest.

This is not a programme based on digital skills development, but the application and use of digital skills to enhance learning and teaching.  As such, this programme is best suited to practitioners and leaders who are confident users of learning technologies or have an understanding of how technology can support/enhance learning and learning environments.

There will be a short information session about the programme on 26th August at 4pm.

Register for the information session on 26th August 2021, 4pm



Term 1: Developing self regulated digital learners

Dates: 30 August 2021 – 4th October 2021, weekly meetings


Term 2: Exploring curriculum and flexibility 

Dates: 25th October 2021 – 29th November, weekly meetings


Term 3: Enhancing a digitally enabled learning environment

Dates: 24th January 2022 – 24th March 2022, weekly meetings


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