Celebrating and Sharing Learning Digitally

Making home learning content accessible: Padlet/Thinglink/Sway 

In the following three session recordings, we explore how ELC practitioners can use a range of digital tools to help make home learning content more accessible, in an engaging early level friendly way. 

*Please check with your local authority before using any digital tools/apps that are not part of the Glow core apps to ensure they are GDPR approved or if there is an alternative tool/app. 

Digital tools explored include: 

Sway (via Microsoft Office 365 within Glow)– how we can use Sway as a digital storytelling tool, to create accessible and interactive learning stories full of rich media including photo, video, voice recordings, and embedded web content.

Thinglink- how we can augment images with additional information and links, via interactive tabs, allowing you to bring your ELC setting to life digitally.  


Padlet -how we can create an instant, real-time collaborative environment, where families with the link can communicate, mark make, share media, and interact together.  

QR codes can also be a quick and effective way to share digital content with families by turning your video link into a small barcode that can be scanned by most smartphones.

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