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Our Digital Journey at Logie Durno Primary School

At Logie Durno Primary we use digital technologies with two main aims in mind.

Firstly we know that children need to be able to reflect on their learning and articulate what their next steps are. Digital technologies, and in particularly using portfolios, has allowed them to do this. All children from P1-7 are able to use an iPad to take a picture or video of their learning, post to their portfolio and use the multimedia tools to explain not just what the task was, but what they have learned and what they need to work on next. This is instantly shared with teachers and families members, who make comments back. This has worked well for us, and we have seen an increase in parental involvement as a result. The crucial steps in this journey were helping the children to understand not just how to post to their portfolios, but what to post and why they are posting it. This engenders responsibility for their own learning, a trait we believe is crucial for further success. In order to achieve this we have had to invest in technology to ensure that all learners have equitable access to the digital tools they need.

Secondly we want our pupils to equipped with the appropriate skills for learning, life and work. We have developed our curriculum to ensure we focus on skills. Called ‘Skills Passport’, we use interdisciplinary learning, organised around a core set of skills, to give pupils experiences that will serve them well as they grow up. Digital technologies form a core part of this work. We have used filmmaking as a context for team work and creativity skills, design and technology to work on problem solving, food technology and thinking skills also formed part of the skills based curriculum.

Using digital technologies as an everyday part of schooling allows us to serve our pupils well by giving them the tools they need to reflect on their learning and the digital skills they need to succeed as they move through life.

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