Granton: Workshop with Who Cares? Scotland

Staff members, Susan and Ellie, from Who Cares? Scotland, the national advocacy organisation working with care experienced children and young people in Scotland, joined us in Granton Primary to take part in a workshop with six of our Community Ambassadors; Chantelle, Denon, Katrina, Alex, Agniezska and Darren.

Our Ambassadors explained their Dignometers to Susan and Ellie and shared their thoughts and views on human dignity, empathy, trust and kindness, which they have written in their Community Ambassador’s Passports.

We then played the Ginormous Dice Game, posing some challenging questions and creating some interesting discussions between Susan, Ellie and our Ambassadors.

Together, the adults and children drew maps highlighting the places in the children’s world where they felt safe or unsafe and then discussed why they felt as they did. Everyone discussed what adults can do to make sure that all children feel happy and safe where they live.

Following their conversations with our Ambassadors, the adults made a pledge about something they “will do” to make children’s lives healthier, happier and safer.

A big thanks to Susan and Ellie for encouraging such meaningful and interesting conversations.

We look forward to hearing from you and find out how you are getting on with your pledge.

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