Flora Stevenson: Working with Police School-Link Officers

Community Ambassadors from Flora Stevenson play host to a team of Police School-Link Officers, taking part in their first adult workshop.

The Community Ambassadors guided participating adults through a number of activities, including Sandy’s Story and the Ginormous Dice Game, which are designed to showcase the children’s work and their learning attained through the programme. Importantly, the children were able to ask some difficult questions that required thoughtful responses from the adults.

Our Ambassadors finished by asking the adult participants to make a pledge to them. This pledge requires adults to think about what they will do to make children’s lives healthier, happier and safer, at home, at school and in their communities.

A big thank you to all of the adults who took part and played such a positive role in making the workshops meaningful and relevant for our Ambassadors.

Remember, we’ll be back to check up on your pledges…

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