Sandy’s story: St John’s

In this session, our Community Ambassadors listened to a story about Sandy. Sandy is a fictional character, a 10 year old boy who experiences challenges at home, in his community and in school.

Our Ambassadors explored the concept of empathy through hearing Sandy’s Story. Empathy is when you are able to see things from somebody else’s perspective. By putting ourselves in others’ shoes and feeling what someone else is feeling, we can better understand how our choices impact on other people.

Ambassadors listened to Sandy’s story and afterwards explored ways that the story could be better for Sandy. To read Sandy’s Story for yourself please click the link:

CP Investigates (Sandy’s Story)

A brilliant discussion today about our experiences of bullying behaviour and how this has been dealt with by adults. The effects of bullying last a long time and today talking about things that have happened in the past still leave us feeling sad, upset and angry.

An insightful and challenging session today. Thank you, Ambassadors, for a true, reflective Children’s Parliament meeting.



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