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Early Years Web links

Developing a Documentation Approach – http://www.ltscotland.org.uk/sharingpractice/d/documentation/aims.asp?strReferringChannel=earlyyears&strReferringPageID=tcm:4-619333-64

Recognising achievement: Learning Community Groups of Enquiry – Stirling
Key features of Recognising Achievement

•Achievements should be as valuable as qualifications.

•The focus must be on learning and reflection, not activities.

•Learners must have ownership of their achievements and what they choose to include.

•Recognition of achievement must involve talking with and supporting young people.

•Any approach must support young people at risk of disengagement and in need of more choices, more
  chances, and must not widen the gap between the advantaged and the disadvantaged.

•The implications and practicalities of recognising achievement for schools and learning communities need to
   be explored more fully.