Early Years Storyroom

In this video Margo will share with us how she uses Glow Meet as an Early Years Storyroom. This  involves older pupils reading their own story or published stories to nursery and primary school early years learners. It not only supports the  development of children’s learning in literacy and English, but also  provides transition opportunities and contributes to building the four capacities. It can be replicated within a school, cluster or authority.

To find out more about this project click here to read the Glow Cookbook.

For more information contact Margo at margo.kerr@wled.org.uk

One thought on “Early Years Storyroom”

  1. Three P6 pupils within our school were selected to read in the Early Years Storyroom. They spent time making props and costumes and took their role very seriously! Despite being very nervous on the day of the performance they did a fantastic job and loved the feeling of success at the end. Answering the questions from the young children and getting instant positive feedback was also very rewarding. The Storyroom has been a great success for both the children that are reading and those that are listening and watching. Thanks Margo for a great resource.

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