2 thoughts on “Reporting to parents”

  1. Actively engaging staff, pupils, parents as well as pupil and parent councils in making decisions about how to take the Reporting Process forward in the learning community seems to have been a worthwhile model for all involved.
    It is especially encouraging to hear how, as a staff, you firstly considered the key messages for Reporting from BtC 5 and then incorporated them in a manner that fitted with what was best for your school and the community’s circumstances.
    Thank you for sharing with others information about the children’s Learning Folders as well as your explanations as to how these are central to the entire reporting process. The many ways you describe in which your school engages with parents will be of interest to many.

  2. Great to have the chance to do this with new groups of staff, parents and pupils. Have you considered using ICT as part of these processes and procedrues?

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