Moving on

I always knew I wanted to teach.  This, I now know, is due to the pleasure I get from seeing others succeed and the knowledge that I helped them achieve their best.

After transferring from MA Education to MA English lit. I decided to use the skills I had gained through the MA Education program  to earn a little bit of extra money whilst I completed my studies.  I advertised as a private English tutor, helping pupils studying at high school but in their own homes.  Not only did this deepen my own understanding of literature, it made me realize that teaching was indeed the career path for me.  I had a natural ability and I needed to do something with it.

For the past 3 years I have attended various CPD events, mainly through Medica.  These training events and seminars were not only a great opportunity to learn about supporting children with additional needs or young people with mental health or developmental disorders, they allowed me to meet with other professionals across the country and share knowledge with them.  It really inspired me to stay focussed on my chosen career and start thinking about how I could achieve this.

I continued with my English and Film degree, tutoring pupils in my spare time, started volunteering at my local church youth club and visited several secondary schools both state and private.  When Spring 2018 arrived I knew I was ready to take the next step.  I applied to study PGDE secondary English at UWS in Ayr.  Within weeks I had an interview and in less than 24 hours I was accepted.

It will perhaps taken me slightly longer (one year extra) to graduate in my chosen career path but I am glad I did it this way.  Had I not enrolled on the MA Education program, I would not have had the confidence to tutor after transferring to the MA English and Film program.  It was tutoring that made me realize my aspirations.

There is no direct route that fits all.  Teachers come from all sorts of different backgrounds with varying areas of experience and I believe it is this that creates an inspiring and inclusive enviroment for pupils to learn in.   Personally I would like to thank both Derek Robertson and Richard Holmes at the University of Dundee.  It was ultimately both of these wonderful lecturers that inspired me to become the best teacher I can be.  They were passionate about their subject, engaging and really took the time to get to know their students.  Derek made a point of aknowledging that not all teachers come from a traditional background or early on in their careers.  He was right. Diversity does indeed feed inspiration and creativity.  I have seen this first hand through my own practice.    Thank you so much all the staff at UoD.    

2 thoughts on “Moving on

  1. Derek Robertson

    It was a pleasure to work with and support you whist you were at Dundee. May I take this opportunity to wish you every success for your year at UWS.

    1. Claire-EmmaClaire-Emma Post author

      Thank you so much Derek! I am finding your previous resources on using smart boards and Prometheus very useful right now. I am really enjoying being in the classroom and I can say that changing to Secondary English was definitely the right choice for me as I feel so much more confident planning and taking lessons.


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