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Online Unit 1 – Identifying Skills and Abilities

Improvement is impossible without reflection. Reflection allows you to look back at yourself as a person and see where you are personally and professionally. Reflecting on and identifying your skills and abilities is important as it lets you recognise your strengths and weaknesses. Without knowing these, you wouldn’t be able to advance as a person.

For Activity 1 of the Online Units, I rated my skills and abilities on a scale of 1 (not very well developed) to 3 (very well developed).

Throughout the year, I hope to advance and improve many of my skills, and hopefully gain more confidence within myself and my abilities.

Skills and Abilities 1 2 3
Flexibility   *  
Self Confidence   *  
Self Discipline   *  
Work Under Pressure   *  
Set Personal Goals   *  
Take Risks *    
Share Opinions Confidently   *  
Team work     *
Take Responsibility   *  
Build Social Networks   *  
Manage Time *    
Act as a Leader *    
Negotiation   *  
Make presentations   *  
Listen to Others     *
Debate Formally and Informally   *  
Contribute to Discussions     *
Converse Confidently   *  
Take Notes     *
Write for Academic Purposes   *  
Computing Skills   *  
Be Creative *    
Use Technology   *  
Problem Solve   *  
Generate New Ideas   *  
Work on Own Initiative   *  
Organise and Plan *    
Think Critically   *  
Evaluate Information *