Drama TDT: Writing in Role.

For the Drama TDT, I have decided to choose the writing in role. I will be taking on the role of a book.

The cover of the book is red with intriguing green eyes and full lips. The book is a gentle character, longing to be picked up by a student and taken away from the dark, dusty depths of the library shelves. The book never moves from its spot on the shelf and stays silent, waiting for their opportunity.

I’ve lived here for a long time. In the depths of the library shelves. It was dark and dusty. All the books around me had been long abandoned, spending years waiting to see daylight again. I hoped my fate was not the same as there’s.

The lights rarely came on in this section, as no one ever seemed to walk past. Any time someone came by, I’d hold my breath hoping it was my turn to be picked. Usually it was just a library worker putting other books back. Every time, I would feel just as disappointed. 

Another day sat on the shelves, longing to be picked. I heard foot steps coming closer to where I was sat. I presumed it was a worker as usual, coming to put some books back. However, this time, it was different. I had a peek to see if I could see who was coming. I recognised all the workers now, from all the time spent in here, yet I didn’t recognise this person . It looked as if they were heading towards me! I kept very still and quiet. I could feel my heart pounding inside me. Was this finally going to be my chance? I closed my eyes as I didn’t want to be disappointed once again.

The next thing I knew, I was being lifted from the shelf. I felt the dust being blown off me. I opened my eyes and looked back at this stranger. “Ah this is the one!” they exclaimed. Finally, I had been picked out from the thousands of other books surrounding me. It was now my chance to experience the world outside!

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