Communication in Other Environments

Group and Leadership

  • Within our group, there was no distinct leader.
  • We all co-operated to ensure everyone was participating by collecting materials .
  • The only challenge we faced as a group was making sure everyone had something to do and did not feel excluded. In some cases people assigned themselves more work than was necessary leaving others with nothing to do.


  • The group the explained to us were very clear and concise in their explanation.
  • It was made clear through descriptive words and pointing to the areas they spoke about.


  • Because we were outside, our communication was changed. To ensure we could be heard by the whole group we spoke closer together and used gesture to show the areas we were discussing.
  • In a classroom environment communication would be much more formal compared to todays experience. When communicating with pupils the register used would also be different compared to that used with our peers.
  • I did not find it especially challenging to speak above the sounds in the environment because the whole group stayed close together.
  • When communicating distraction was more likely because other groups were moving around the area and asking questions. This could be overcome by bringing the group closer or moving to a quieter area


  • Our negotiations were unsuccessful because other groups did not want the materials we were offering.
  • This was challenging because there is not much we could do to change what the groups needed.

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