Digital Technologies Reflection 23.1.18

The definition of a multimodal text declares that it must include two or more of the five semiotic systems which are listed as visual, Audio, Gestural, Spatial and finally Linguistic. “The multimodality of technology is another reason to use it, as it allows teachers to present an idea in a variety of different ways to help pupils understand it (Beauchamp 2012).

By using milutimodal texts it enriches the children learning as they have several ways to relate and remember its whether through a picture or sound etc.

As a learner, I personally felt that it helped me remember the key ideas of the lesson through a picture as from past experiences I know that I am a visual learner, therefore this helped me in my own knowledge and understanding to process the information correctly and accurately. I learned an important piece of information, using the colour yellow and pink on the background can help children with dyslexia.

As an educator, it came to my attention how much a multimodal text can change a lesson and make it a lot more helpful for the children. Multimodal presentation are captivating, motivating, interactive, personalised, dynamic, memorable and finally engaging. This is therfeore a better outcomes for the teacher and for the pupils as they are fully engaged and are interested in the activity they are participating in whether that be as a whole class, groups or individually. Using the app ActivPrimary/Activstudio/Activinspire can help teachers prepare a multimodal presentation or lesson for the children.

Curriclum for Excellence backs this idea of multimodality enhancing children’s learning as it states in first level “I explore and experiment with the features and functions of computer technology and I can use what I learn to support and enhance my learning in different contexts (TCH1-04a/TCH2-04a).


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Interactive Displays in Early Years Classes

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