Reflection on Placement

Throughout the last two weeks, being on placement has been a great experience to my teaching degree that I am currently studying. I believe that putting everything I had learned to practise made me feel proud and very well achieved. My knowledge and understand has widened throughout my time there and I believe that just by observing made me sit back and see what to do and what not to do. During the placement, the school had different events on so on the first week of me arriving it was the beginning of science week and then the second week was financial education week where we learned and took an insight into saving and spending money. It also showed the children the difference between we what we want and what we need. My class was lovely and I had a good professional relationship with my teacher and she shared that she was happy with my progress over the two weeks and think I would make a great teacher, and she wished me luck over the near future. Overall, I loved it and it made me want to just get out there and just begin my journey of growing into a teacher and becoming a role model to children’s education.