Self Evaluation and Communication

My notes were roughly the same with my partners as we were both commenting on how he could of been a bit more disciplined more and they were getting distracted, and if he tried a different teaching approach they might have behaved more and been more obedient and respectful towards him. My partner agreed with this and thought this was the best approach to go forward with the situation.

Nothing surprised me in the notes, the only thing that we were discussing when doing the task was how the effects of his body language was affecting his teaching. This then became a discussion about the importance of body language and if you don’t have the right and proper body language the children would sense that and they thrive on that opportunity.

I found this task average, as it was a good experience for me to be able to watch and observe the teacher and also take the mistakes that was pointed out for my own sake, so I could improve and think about them when I begin to teaching the class and how important certain aspects are if you want a appropriate manner in your class.

I believe I am clear about the difference between feedback and judgement as feedback is helpful and is there to make you improve and do things different that could help you. Where as judgement is criticism and there to point out that you are doing wrong.

The importance of body language would be the one thing that I would like to remember and be able to approve during my time at placement over the next coming weeks.

I am really excited about placement and really looking forward to seeing the things we’ve learned in class been brought to life.