Monthly Archives: September 2018

Workshop no.1 – inequality

Looking back on Tuesday’s workshop I realise how much fun and how interesting I actually found it.

I was placed in the lowest resource group and too many people’s surprise including the lecturer I was very happy with the outcome we produced as a group. I was questioned if I was angry about being given less resources and I simply replied “no, I am not angry, I am proud of what we produced as a group with the little amount of resources that we had.”

I understand the exercise to be showing inequality in the world however, I realised not every person experiences jealousy or selfishness or no care at all.

The main aim I found from this workshop is that every person experiences different outcomes towards equality and things they are given. I think as I progress into my role in education I will see this greatly around the classroom and also outwith so I think it was a really clever workshop to begin the year with.

Not why. Who?

If you ever asked me “why teaching” I probably wouldn’t be able to answer. I don’t really have a cliche answer as I don’t “love” children. My journey to choosing this career path was never based on a “why” it was much more of a “who”. The who has two parts to my journey, who convinced me and who I want to be.

There was a teacher who once caught me at my lowest and helped me to see through to the light at the end of the tunnel. She cared for me, offered me a smile and a shoulder to cry on when no one else offered. She was the part of my “who” that I will never forget. She was the part who convinced me that as a person this is who I want to be. I want to be the person who makes a difference to a child’s life when they feel they have nothing and no one else.