Arkwright Scholarships Trust

Do you want to reward your best National 5 STEM students and set them on the path to a successful career in engineering and design?

White LogoIf so, the Arkwright Engineering Scholarships could be the tool you are looking for. These are highly-sought-after Scholarships for high-potential STEM students keen to pursue a future career in engineering in its widest sense, including computing, chemical engineering and ‘technical’ aspects of product design (as opposed to aesthetics). The competitive application process, comprises: student application form; teacher reference; two-hour engineering aptitude exam; 20-minute interview. Successful applicants become Arkwright Engineering Scholars and receive a two-year programme of enrichment while studying Advanced Highers / A levels in their own schools/colleges. Scholars receive £600 to spend on engineering activities of their choice. School Departments receive £400 for every student who secures a Scholarship (or £200 if your school is an 11-16 school where the students go to a local college for Highers / A levels).

Teachers spend a few hours each autumn to support students’ applications, including writing a short reference for each applicant; help applicants go through past Arkwright exam papers and offer a mock interview in the early spring term; spend an hour or two each summer writing a brief progress report about each of their Scholars.

You can join the 900+ schools and colleges who already benefit across the UK, by:

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