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What is talent?

Understanding Talent

In any discussion about sporting events, the word talent comes up, but what does it really mean? Often the concept of talent is not particularly well understood, particularly when evidence doesn’t seem to support it being a natural process.

The Talent Team at the sportscotland institute of sport have developed a film (screenshot pictured) which hopes to help people to understand the concept of ‘sporting talent’. It is aimed primarily at young athletes (11 – 17) but is also very relevant to those who influence them –from their coaches and teachers to parents, peers, neighbours and role models. The film is available at http://youtu.be/LfUvchfrcS0.

The hope is that young athletes can gain a new perspective on what ‘talent’ really means and ultimately encourage them to work hard at their sports. The message is simple – hard work and determination can lead to sporting success.

If you would like to find out more about talent and the work of the Talent Team at sportscotland, visit www.sisport.com/talent. Along with the film, the site contains a range of materials on talent, which could make for interesting discussions in classes or sports clubs.