Commonwealth Games inspire Woodland Workout

Forestry Commission Scotland is encouraging young people to feel the benefit of the Commonwealth Games with a new Woodland Workout pack.

 Targeted at 3-14 year olds the pack promotes opportunities for quality, fun and safe physical activity in the outdoors and includes ideas for games, physical activities and staging ‘adapted’ Commonwealth sports in the woodlands.

 Sally York, the Commission’s Education Policy Advisor, said:

 “Children and young people are going to get really enthused and excited about a lot of sports when the Commonwealth Games start in the summer. They’re going to want to get active and maybe try out some of those sports and this pack is a way for teachers and schools to tap into that enthusiasm in a fun way.

 “All of the activities featured in the Woodland Workout – including the adapted Commonwealth Games sports – can be enjoyed at any time and it’s a great way to let children (aged 3-14 years) participate in enjoyable learning experiences that will develop enterprising knowledge, skills and attitudes and promote physical health and wellbeing.

 “With a relaxing and invigorating atmosphere, local woodlands offer the best backdrop for the activities but the idea is to be active outdoors so school grounds – or any nearby green spaces – are just as good. There are no templates or correct answers in nature so using the natural environment encourages children to cooperate and arrive at a ‘best-fit’ solution to problems and challenges.  

 The pack, complete with teachers’ guide, encourages young people to have fun but to also be responsible for their well-being and consider risk. As well as considering potential hazards in their activity space and taking risks with solving problems, it also allows children the chance to learn how to manage ‘failure’ through reflecting on performance to set new challenges. 

 The Woodland Workout, with Commonwealth Games supplement (WW(CG)) has been issued to schools across Scotland and is available for download at

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