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Summer Streets – Active Architecture Summer School

Book now for our exciting summer school for 9 – 12 year olds. This week long workshop will keep them entertained and teach valuable skills for budding designers. Including large scale building this is an exciting summer holiday activity.

See our website for more information.

CPD for teachers ‘Model School’

Are you making the most of your school building? Would you like to learn more about how to use architecture as a teaching resource to deliver the Curriculum for Excellence? Architecture and Design Scotland offer FREE twilight CPD sessions in your school to give staff the tools and ideas they need to really make the most of their own school building and deliver built environment education without having to leave the school grounds. Learn to look at your space in a new and exciting way.

This CPD will provide staff teaching upper primary classes the tools and resources necessary to teach the project ‘Model School’. An exciting cross curricular project that can be taught intensively over one week or spread across a few. The project builds through a series of sessions covering most subject areas of the curriculum to give children the skills and experiences necessary to design their own perfect school. Teachers taking part in the CPD will be offered the opportunity to exhibit their students work in The Lighthouse.

Call 0141 204 7912 or email education@ads.org.uk to book your session now.