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This section is dedicated to all the latest news from Highpark to ensure you are kept up-to-date with what’s happening in and around our school community

Date: 10/08/2021

The staff at Highpark Primary are really looking forward to welcoming back all of our wonderful pupils on Monday 16th August. We hope you have all had an enjoyable summer break and were able to enjoy some of the lovely sunshine we had.

The arrangements for Monday are as follows:

School starting times –

Primary 2 – 7 – 9:00 on Monday 16th August.

Primary 1 – 9:30 on Monday 16th August.

Pick up – 3:00 for all pupils.

The Senior Leadership Team will be present in the drop off/pick up areas to support pupils entering and exiting safely.

All classes will have a dedicated area for pupils to line up. These locations will be signposted in the playground. (Please check our Parent Council Page on Facebook for more information).

We would like to encourage independent entry/exit to the school for our P4-7 pupils.

If you are able to, please wear a face covering for drop off/pick up as it can be busy. Thank you for your co-operation with this.

Please remember a full water bottle for your child(ren) to stay hydrated through the day.

Kind Regards,

Hannah Beveridge

Principal Teacher

Date: 19/02/2021

FAO Primary 4 – 6 Parents and Carers,

Following my previous correspondence via Seesaw, the week beginning Monday 22nd February pupils in Primary 4, 5/4, 5, and Primary 6 will have the opportunity to take part in videoconferencing sessions with their peers and teacher.

We are using Microsoft Teams to enable this function.

Please note, Seesaw will still be used to communicate all learning experiences, including feedback and interactions regarding teaching. Microsoft Teams will only be used during the designated times allocated by the class teacher. I kindly ask, that pupils only access MS Teams during their allocated video-call.

This afternoon, your child’s class teacher will be sending the login details through the Activities section of Seesaw.

To support you accessing MS Teams, please read this guide which may be of use > Digital Learning and Teaching Strategy – Parents&Carers 2021

I would also appreciate if you could familiarise yourself with our (condensed) Safe and Appropriate use of Digital Learning Platforms – 2021 Policy.

If you require any further support or assistance, please contact me via gw11adminvle@glow.sch.uk

Kind regards,

S. Philson
Principal Teacher

Date: 18/02/2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

Attached a letter from Maureen McKenna, Director of Education, regarding the reopening of schools for Primary 1 – 3.

You can read the letter MMcK – Parent/Carer – Primary

Kind regards,

W. O’Donovan
Head Teacher

Date: 16/02/2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

The Scottish Government have today confirmed that we will be welcoming back all Primary 1 – 3 pupils from Monday 22nd February. 

As this announcement has just been made, we are currently establishing details and will update you all with our plans once they have been finalised.

Thank-you, once again, for your support and patience throughout this period.

Kind regards,

W. O’Donovan
Head Teacher

Date: 03/02/2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

Following the recent Government announcement surrounding the provisional return of Primary 1 – 3 Pupils on Monday 22nd February, I will be in contact with all parents and carers in due course.

As a school, we are awaiting further guidance from the Government and Glasgow City Council before any plans are confirmed.

We appreciate your support and patience.

Kind regards,

Wilma O’Donovan
Head Teacher

Date: 22/09/2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

We would like to remind parents and carers of keeping a safe 2m distance from one another within the playground during drop-off and pick-up times.

Where possible, we are encouraging parents and carers of older children not to enter the playgrounds during these times, alternatively arranging a meet-up area off-campus to avoid congregations and crowding.

We understand this may not always be feasible, therefore we would encourage the wearing of face masks and/ or coverings, where possible, as of Tuesday 22nd September.

Our staff may also choose to wear a face mask/ coverings during the mornings and afternoons. Staff, in a general sense, will not be wearing a mask/ covering throughout the day to deliver lessons. However, in some circumstances, as per Scottish Government and NHS guidance, masks and coverings will be worn by staff when working in close proximity with children for longer than 15 minutes.

We understand this change of approach may be difficult, but we very much appreciate your support in ensuring our school is as safe as possible.

Kind regards,

Wilma O’Donovan
Head Teacher

Date: 18/09/2020

Dear Parent/ Carer,

As many of you may be aware, during the period of school closures we moved our learning and teaching experiences to a virtual learning environment, Microsoft Teams. It has been agreed that we will reinstate Microsoft Teams for all classes across the school to further develop our Digital Literacy and Remote Working Policy.

As of the 21st September, all homework activities will be posted on the Microsoft Teams application. This platform will also be used to support learners who need to self-isolate if contacted by Test and Protect Scotland and/or a positive COVID-19 result.

We are aware that all parents and carers may not have access to the internet, and therefore unable to use Microsoft Teams. In this case, we would kindly ask if you could let the school office know as soon as possible.

Staff will be posting consolidation learning activities that will reinforce learning that takes place in the classroom. Completed home learning activities will be discussed by the teacher in class, therefore we ask for your support to enhance home-school learning by engaging with these experiences with your child(ren).

We kindly ask that all correspondence to be made via the usual channels of communication; a phone call to the office. Teams will be simply used to communicate learning experiences directly to the pupils.

Information of your child(rens) username and password have been sent to you via a letter, within this letter there is also detailed information on how to access Microsoft Teams.

If you have any questions relating to access, permissions, or general queries, can you please direct these to the following email address, gw11adminvle@glow.sch.uk – please note, this inbox will be checked once a day.

Kind regards,
S. Philson
Principal Teacher

Date: 25/08/2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

To accommodate guidance from the Scottish Government, we are holding physical education lessons outdoors for the foreseeable future.

As the pupils are entitled to two hours of physical exercise in the context of Gym and P.E, we are advising pupils to come to school wearing their P.E kit on their scheduled day(s).

Your child(ren)’s scheduled days are:

Primary 1   –   Thursday and Friday
Primary 2   –   Monday and Wednesday
Primary 3/2   –   Tuesday and Wednesday
Primary 4   –   Tuesday and Thursday
Primary 5   –   Tuesday and Wednesday
Primary 5/4   –   Thursday and Friday  
Primary 6   –   Tuesday and Thursday
Primary 7/6   –   Wednesday and Friday
Primary 7   –   Wednesday and Thursday

Outwith this current provision, we would also encourage parents and carers to pack a pair of shoes that they are comfortable for their child to wear when engaged in any outdoor learning, as this can happen at any point within the week. This has been encouraged by local and national guidance, where pupils should be engaged with as much outdoor learning as possible.

As the weather can be somewhat unpredictable day-to-day, we are advising that these shoes be kept in school and made from a material that can withstand the weather.

If you have questions regarding this announcement, please don’t hesitate to contact the school office directly.

Kind regards,

S. Philson
Principal Teacher

Date: 17/08/2020

It has been fantastic having all pupils back at school over the previous couple of days, there is a good atmosphere around the school with our pupils eager to engage back with their learning.

Thank you to all parents and carers for your continued support since reopening last week. As we are constantly reacting to procedures and guidance, the following has now been agreed;

  • School bags can be brought from tomorrow (Tuesday 18th August 2020)
  • Pencil cases can be brought however materials should not be shared
  • iPads can be returned from tomorrow (Tuesday 18th August 2020)

School Pick Up

Miss Beveridge’s class (P3/2) and Ms Low’s class (P2) have a change of arrangements. 

To avoid the bottle neck at the gate outside the end infant classes at home time , can parents and carers wait at the pitch area and teachers will walk their class to the pitch.  If alternative arrangements are required for collection please let either class teacher know or Mrs. O’Donovan. We ask that one member of a household be present at this time.

All other classes are encouraged to meet at a safe meet-up point off-campus.

Physical Education

Children will be notified of P.E. times and this will take place outdoors.  No indoor P.E. is allowed at the moment.  Can pupils please wear appropriate clothing, and in the event of light rain a thin waterproof jacket. If rain prevents outdoor  P.E. then teachers will do their best to reschedule.

School Meals

Parents who pay for school meals should contact the school for a unique reference code.  If parents have difficulty over online payment or any other aspect please contact Mrs. O’Donovan.

Kind regards,
W. O’Donovan
Head Teacher

Date: 13/08/2020

Drop-off/ Collection Information – Parents and Carers

It has been fantastic to welcome back the children to school this year, they have returned bright and cheery getting ready for the full return tomorrow.

Returning in Groups A and B has enabled us to view how our drop-off and collection procedures and having been working, allowing time for amendments and changes for the full return tomorrow (Friday 14th August).

The following procedures have now been agreed for pupils to safely and comfortably enter and exit the school grounds.

The School Drop Off

  • As pupils are now familiar with their line-up locations, Primary 4 – 7 will make their way to their designated area, without parent/ carer support.
  • One family member can support Primary 1 – 3; only if you feel this is necessary – independently lining up is encouraged.
  • Social Distancing of 2m is to be maintained at all times between parents and carers and the school staff outwith and within the school grounds.
  • Where specific need is identified, one family member from a household can support their child to line-up in Primary 2 – 7.
    This will be agreed with a member of the Senior Leadership Team (Mrs O’Donovan, Mrs Rarity, and Mr. Philson) who will be present in the playground areas.

The School Pick Up

  • P1 – P3, whose classes on along the first floor (top playground), one member of their household will be permitted to enter and wait for their child, only if you feel this is necessary.
    The school gates will only open at 2:55pm, with the playground being cleared very quickly following the 3pm school bell.
  • P4 – P7 pupils should arrange a ‘Meet-up Place’ with a member of their household out with school playgrounds to avoid congregating in our limited spaces.
  • The Senior Leadership Team will be present in the pick-up areas to support pupils with exiting in a safe and controlled manner
  • Social Distancing of 2m is to be maintained at all times between parents and carers and the school staff outwith and within the school grounds.

Additional Information

  • It also been agreed that school bags are currently not permitted to be carried into school. Once this school guidance changes, we will update parents and carers when it safe to do so.
  • If you have a younger child in a P1 – P3 and an older child in P4-7, the older child is able to meet you whilst you pick up your younger child.
  • With regards to drop off and collection, we are encouraging, where possible, independent entry and exit from school.
  • These measures do not relate to the LCR, as there are agreed measures in place via E. Easton (Depute Head Teacher).

Thank for your continued efforts to ensure the school is a safe, controlled, and comfortable experience for everyone.

We understand and appreciate the anxieties that many be feeling by sending their child(ren) back to school, so we thank for your continued efforts in these exceptional times to ensure the school is a safe, controlled, and comfortable experience for everyone.

Kind regards,
W. O’Donovan
Head Teacher

Date: 03/08/2020

Good morning Parents and Carers,

As you are aware of the recent Scottish Government announcement regarding the reopening of schools, Maureen McKenna (Director of Education, Glasgow City Council) has also made a statement.

You can view this statement by clicking here > MMcK Parents Letter 30 July 2020.

Date: 24/06/2020

Good morning Parents and Carers,

Today marks the end of the current school session, 2019 – 2020. Our closure for the Summer Break hasn’t been the usual exciting and vibrant time that we have been used too, but our class teachers have been busy interacting with all our pupils via Microsoft Teams to give them a meaningful send off.

We have added a new section to the website for all the latest information regarding our return to school in August 2020. This will be updated regularly as new guidance and information emerges. Our Blended Learning Approach is fully detailed, ensuring 2m social distancing measures are in place for August.

This information can be found by click here > August Return 2020

Microsoft Teams will be deactivated this afternoon to mark the start of the Summer Break for all of our children. They have worked hard, showing commitment and dedication to their learning and they deserve the break, and so do you. Ultimately, we could not have achieved this without your relentless support. Thank you, you have made the impact much greater for the continuity of learning.

We wish you a fantastic Summer Break, and we can’t wait to welcome you back to Highpark Primary and LCR in August.

Well wishes,
All the staff at Highpark Primary and LCR.

Date: 16/06/2020

Good evening.

All classes should now have received a Pupil Progress Report Card.

We understand there have been issues in opening the format that has been used. A few possible fixes for this are;

  • Downloading Adobe,
  • Downloading Xpressions,
  • or viewing on a device or computer rather than a phone.

We completely understand the frustration this may have caused, and apologise for the inconvenience.

If you are still experiencing issues, please let us know by Thursday if you need a printed version via the recent Groupcall Text.
These will be ready for collection from school on Friday 19th morning before 1:00pmappropriate social distancing measures will be in place to ensure safety.

Again, we thank you for your patience and support in these busy and challenging times.

Kind regards,
S. Philson
Principal Teacher

Date: 11/09/2020

Good afternoon Parents and Carers,

I want to take this time to update you all on the developments in our Recovery Planning, and particularly the return to school in August for the new term.

This week, all school staff have been working hard to organise classrooms and prepare for the children returning to learning in August. We are making good progress, and want to inform our families that next week the following information will be ready to distribute:

  • Pupil Progress Reports 2019 -2020
  • Your child’s new class and Teacher
  • Which days your child will attend school

We are delighted to announce two new teachers that will be joining Highpark Primary for the new session, Aileen Mowat and Jennifer MacKenzie. We look forward to welcoming them to the school community, and they are very much excited about meeting the children. 

We are very appreciative of all your support and patience throughout the school closure and can’t thank you enough. We will be in contact mid-next week with further clarification.

Kind regards,
Wilma O’Donovan
Head Teacher

Date: 09/06/2020

Our colleagues at Cleveden Secondary School has provided the following message to our Primary 7 pupils making their transition to S1 in August 2021…

Prospective parents and carers of our new First Year pupils have not experienced our transition in the way we would have hoped. We have put together a virtual tour to allow you to see the school facilities and key members of staff. The tour can be viewed here.

Please also visit our dedicated P7 Transition Page.

Also look out for your Transition Letter in the post that will give you more details about the Transition Process to Cleveden in August 2021.

Date: 08/06/2020

Continuing our brilliant Partnership with PAThS (Promoting Alternative Thinking Skills) next school session, we would greatly appreciate your time to complete a short questionnaire. This will allow us to take your comments and feedback into consideration to continue to improve our Health and Well-being service for all young people.

The survey can be accessed by clicking the following link > Parent and Carer PAThS Questionnaire

Date: 07/06/2020

If you are a Key Worker and looking for Child Care over the summer, please click here to be directed to Glasgow City Council’s Survey to see if you are eligible.

You can find more information at Glasgow City Council’s website, under the heading School’s and Learning > https://glasgow.gov.uk/coronavirus

Date: 01/05/2020

Maureen McKenna, Glasgow City Council’s Executive Director of Education Services, has provided an update for Parents, Carers, and Guardians regarding information on the current COVID-19 situation relating to schools.

Click here to access the most up-to-date guidance.

Date: 01/05/2020 – UPDATE

As many of our parents and carers are aware, during the school closures we have moved learning experiences to the virtual learning environment Microsoft Teams. We are very pleased with the up-take over the previous 9 weeks.

However, if you are still experiencing issues or concerns with accessing Microsoft Teams or still require a Username or Password, please contact gw11adminvle@glow.sch.uk

Further guidance on access and managing Microsoft Teams can be found by clicking on this guide > Digital Learning and Teaching Strategy – Parents & Carers

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