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Welcome to Highpark Language and Communication Resource

Our Language and Communication Resource is a specialist provision catering for P1-7 children from areas all over the city although predominantly the North West.

The resource has a present roll of 30 pupils and is both co-educated and nondenominational. We currently have five full time and two part time teaching staff and 6 pupil support assistants. All LCR pupils will be expected to join the mainstream class for some aspects of their learning with the aim that they will move into the primary on a full-time basis at some stage within their primary education. Staff are skilled with knowledge and understanding to meet the needs of and Autistic learner. 

Curriculum delivery

Pupil learning is planned through Curriculum for Excellence experiences and outcomes. Pupils are provided with the specific individualised support they require in order to engage meaningfully with the curriculum. We aim to provide children with opportunities in order to consolidate and generalise their learning within the wider school and community. Children’s learning is understood in terms of strengths and development needs in relation to the Well-being Indicators with targets addressing specific barriers to learning. Pupils in the LCR consistently receive the support they require to develop the behaviours and strategies required for learning.


There are currently 5 classrooms within the LCR incorporating a small regulation zone. This space is utilised to suit the needs of the learners in class. In addition to the classrooms there is a teaching talking space, a small soft play outdoor space.

Children predominately come from the North Westof the city; however, children have attended from each sector of the city.

Our LCR is situated on the first floor of the school. We have accessible toilets and a small changing room within the LCR. We have shower facilities within the main accessibility toilet.

Children are provided with transport to school. Most children travel to and from school in a taxi. Each taxi has an escort. Parents are asked to escort their children to the taxi and pick them up from the taxi at the end of the day.

Who We Work With
We work collaboratively with colleagues within Education Services as well as colleagues from a variety of agencies. These include Educational Psychologist, Speech and Language Therapists, Glasgow Dyslexia Support Service, English as an Additional Language Support Service and Occupational Therapist.

We work with colleagues from our Learning Community in relation to the SIIM and Joint Support Team (JST). Most importantly we seek to work collaboratively with parents to meet the needs of the children.

We Do This By
Pupil needs are understood in terms of strengths and development needs in relation to the Well-being indicators. When considering development needs and barriers to learning, referrals will be made to the agencies or services outlined above in order to identify further support in order to meet the needs of each child. This support can result in partners working directly with children or working collaboratively with staff to further identify barriers to learning and plan responsively in order to address the specific barrier. This intervention should be evident within the child’s Well-being and Assessment Plan.

Enhanced Transitions
Transitions into and out of the LCR are carefully planned and responsive to individual children. There is a transition programme in place for children transitioning from Pre 5 establishments into the LCR. This is adapted for children who transition into the LCR at other stages. Transition plans are drawn up collaboratively with staff from schools/ nurseries, the Educational Psychologists and parents. Staff will visit children in their current placement, parents and children visit the LCR and then time in the LCR is increased over a period of time. Secondary transitions are considered within the child’s P6 year. Transition to secondary is planned collaboratively with the designated school.

Access to ASL Co-located Primary
There is a set admissions criteria and children are referred through Psychological Services for admission to the Resource. Each pupil has an two reviews per year at which time the appropriateness of the child’s placement/ pathway is reviewed formally.

All pupils that attend Highpark LCR are on the roll of Highpark Primary. A close working relationship with the mainstream school enables us to integrate learners with their peers within the wider school, where appropriate, to access a range of social and academic learning opportunities.

We work with other specialist provisions in order to support our learners to access a range of other exciting activities e.g. Outdoor adventures at Blairvadach, sports star challenge, swimming, Cloverbank Nursery, Beacon, Children’s Wood, Linn Park and Springburn library.

Partnerships with Parents
Some of our parents are part of an LCR ‘ASN Parent Group.’ This provides the opportunity for parents to meet on a regular basis in order to share experiences and to provide/ receive support. Parents are very much felt to be integral to the success of the child and we work alongside our parents to ensure that all children in the LCR receive the highest standard of education – both academic and social, in order that they grow into confident, happy and successful members of the community working to the best of their capacity and achieving their full potential.

Contact Us

Elaine Easton – Depute Head Teacher and Head of LCR
Tel: 0141 946 7073 or 0141 9480 307

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