Music Team’s ‘Album of the Week’

You can download the pdf here: ALBUM OF THE WEEK ‘Abbey Road’


Each Monday the Music Department will be posting an “Album of the Week” This week our “Album of the Week” is ‘Abbey Road’ by The Beatles

Abbey Road was recorded by The Beatles in 1969 and was their final album. The album cover features Paul, George, Ringo and John striding along a zebra crossing situated on Abbey Road, outside EMI studios in London, where the band had spent most of its recording career.

There is a story behind each of the songs on this album, for example, ‘Octopus’s Garden’, Ringo borrowed a yacht from Peter Sellers for a family trip to Sardinia. On board, the ship’s captain regaled Ringo with stories about local marine life, including an octopus, and how they gather stones and shiny objects from the seabed to build gardens. Ringo began working on the song.

The instruments used in ‘Octopus’s Garden’ are two electric guitars (George and John), bass guitar (Paul) and drum kit (Ringo). For the technophiles among us, George played his guitar through a Leslie speaker cabinet to create a distinctive gurgling effect; the sound of bubbles were produced by blowing through a straw into a glass of milk; and during the solo, the band used a compressor, triggered by a pulsing signal from a Moog’s low-frequency oscillator, making it sound as if they were underwater. For the technophobes among us, please research any of these terms that you haven’t come across before.


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