Realising the Ambition and Marvellous Mealtimes CLPL

Realising the Ambition

Realising the Ambition support materials are now available on Glow! These materials have been adapted from the Education Scotland challenge questions that sit alongside Realising the Ambition. These materials have been developed to enable reflection, challenge and facilitation in developing your practice and approaches within your setting.

We’d advise that these materials are better focused on, one section at a time, preferably as a whole team. Professional discussion, challenge and debate will enhance your already in-depth thinking from the reflective activities. Focusing on these as a team ensures there is depth to your reflections and in turn meaningful adaptions can take place in looking forward.

You will see a join code on the beginning of each title slide, inviting you to join the Realising the Ambition in Falkirk Team. We hope to use this as a platform to share and learn from others. On Friday, 1st May, we are holding two live chats on Section 3 from 10.30am-11.30am and Section 4 from 1.30pm-2.30pm. You might find it useful to explore these sections in the support materials to reflect on what you have read.


Please note- you can access these materials and receive the join code for the team here .

Marvellous Mealtimes


Marvellous Mealtimes CLPL materials are also now available on Glow! Explore how Marvellous Mealtimes has developed over the last two years and discover the key components of a high quality approach to snack and mealtimes.

We also have a Bonnypark ELCC case study, showcasing the approach in their setting. There is also a join code for you to join the Marvellous Mealtimes in Falkirk Team, again to share practice and explore the approach. Here you will find Marvellous Mealtimes Book 2. The second book explores where we are now and how the approach has developed. There are also case studies of the approach from a variety of settings across Falkirk.

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