Marvellous Mealtimes

As most of you begin to get ready for the 21-22 session, I am sure Marvellous Mealtimes will be one of the approaches at the forefront of your pedagogy to ensure high quality early learning and childcare for all of Falkirk’s wee people.

I have to say- there has been an amazing amount of work that has be done by practitioners to ensure that children have still had the very best snack and mealtime experience, considering the many barriers we have had to face and overcome.

In moving forward, it is important to think about how we share the principles and values of marvellous mealtimes with our families. We want to develop an inclusive approach to involving families in snack and mealtimes; however this may look in current times. A “Marvellous Mealtimes Family Information Poster” has been developed which you can use to let families know about the approach. You can access the poster in PDF by accessing Falkirk Early Learning – Marvellous Mealtimes.


NHS Forth Valley have developed this information which provides you with a variety of information for promoting snack and mealtimes in ELC and for sharing outwards with families. You can access all of the information at NHS Forth Valley – Nutrition.


I’ve already been meeting with some practitioners, enthusiastic to develop the approach further next session and it’s exciting to see Marvellous Mealtimes becoming a vital part of core provision. Next session our work around Marvellous Mealtimes will focus on:

  • Supporting individual settings in establishing a marvellous mealtimes approach.
  • The Larder Approach
  • Marvellous Mealtimes with Families.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything further, just get in touch at


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