Falkirk Family Songs at Home

#Sway4 #SingatHomeFC

Team Falkirk- are we ready to join in to help spread the joy and love of singing with our ELC families #SingAtHomeFC? 


As we move onto the month of February let’s get creative and  spread some love through music


We start off by singing a Scottish Gaelic song called Madainn mhath pronounced: Mateen-va, which means Good morning

We then move on to explore a fun song about love called Skinamarinky

 Before Reaching the fabulous creative winter poem written by Lisa McCabe ELC Service Manager, inspired by the weather and transformed through music by Jaclyn Connington, Falkirk High School, Music teacher. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our children could creatively voice their words to create their own poem or songs.

Use this link to access the forth sway– 


Send the link to your families to encourage them to sing together at home.

  • Send the sway to ask families to join in. If they wish to share photographs and videos of them taking part in the Sing at Home songs that would be lovely. You can then share this with us on twitter by tagging @FalkirkFroebel and using the #SingatHomeFC
  • We would love if you can join in too!! Learn the Makaton signs. Listen to the music and songs. Why not get your own family to join in and share your fabulous singing and Makaton signing with us.


We would like to thank all our ELC settings and families for joining in with our Family Songs at Home sways. So far we have had 1406 views in our first sway , 432 views in the second sway and 851 views in the third sway.

Thank you also goes out to everyone who contributes to putting the Family at Home sways together including Lisa Boa for the wonderful illustrations she creates.

We believe #Collaboration is key and when we all work collectively together amazing things can happen for our children whom all this is for.



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