Falkirk Families Play is the Way

How will we play today?

The Falkirk early learning central team and Falkirk early years pedagogues are working to produce a series of posters to support families in providing a range of high quality play, playful and real life learning experiences for their children, at home.

The experiences described in each poster reflect many of the high quality experiences children regularly have the opportunity to  access when attending Falkirk’s early learning and childcare settings.  Each poster will provide key information about the experience and the learning it supports; offer tips and ideas or provide external links to these and offer advice about the adult role and high quality interactions during the experience.


Each poster will also have a blank space left on it to allow each setting to personalise it with your own ideas, in your own voice.  Practitioners and teams are invited to use this blank space to share an example of what the experience looks like in their own setting- e.g. photo, link to a video, audio clip, etc.  This will help to make a bridge between children’s learning at home and in the setting and help children to make connections in their learning.

Once they have personalised the poster, ELC teams should then decide how and when to share these with their families to support family learning through playful and real-life experiences.

On Fridays we will upload a batch of posters to our Glow page. Details of themes are within the Family Learning Posters overview sent to leadership teams earlier last week.

Falkirk Family Posters can be found in the Parental Engagement and Family learning section of the Falkirk Early Learning Glow Sharepoint

If you will be using Twitter to share the posters, please use hashtags: #FalkirkForFamilies #WeePlayFalkirk #PlayAtHome

Note: Once you have personalised your poster make sure you “export” this into PDF format so families can access the links to interesting videos, experiences and further information. To do this go to FILE-EXPORT-CREATE PDF.


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