Pupil Lockdown Fitness Stories – Amy Kelly

Since lockdown began, I’ve had my Fitbit on every day to make sure I fit some sort of exercise into my daily routine. I have been on daily walks and cycles with my family. I have also played football and basketball with my little sister to make sure she increases her exercise each day. This week I have started the couch to 5k challenge to try something new. I have made the 10k goal everyday easily.

I have also completed daily online workouts. I have done at least 2 workouts every day to keep active. I have been trying out Chloe Ting’s workouts such as the 2-week abs workout, lower abs workout, 2-week shred challenge and plank challenge. My favourite one is the plank challenge and would definitely recommend it, but I’ve not managed to persuade my mum. I have challenged her to do the Lucy Wyndham-Read 7-minute workout which we have done regularly

I am hugely missing basketball with the school and Falkirk Fury. Lucky, I have a basketball net at home and have been doing regular challenges set by Fury and Basketball Scotland using the homecourt app to improve my technique and develop my skills.



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