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Michael Jordan – Bio – by Amy Kelly

Having decided to write a bio this week about one of my sporting heroes there was really one player I could write about – the one and only Michael Jordan.

Born: 17th of February 1963

Full name: Michael Jeffery Jordan

Place of birth: Brooklyn, New York, United States.

Family: Wife – Yvette Prieto & Children Jasmine, Marcus, Jeffrey, and twins Victoria and Ysabel.

Michael Jordan is a former American basketball player, Olympic athlete, businessperson, and actor.

He’s considered the best basketball player ever and has played from mid 1980’s to the late 1990’s.

Michael Jordan is the most famous and richest former NBA player. He played for 15 seasons with Chicago Bulls and won 6 championships. He also won the most valuable player award 5 times.

Early life:

He has been competitive from a young age and always wanted to win everything.

He had a stable family growing up, his mum, Dolores was a bank teller who had written loads of books, his dad, James, who was a maintenance worker turned manager at General Electric. He has 4 siblings – Larry, Deloris, Roslyn, and James Jr.

Michael’s dad introduced him to baseball as well as basketball; even building him a basketball court in their garden. Sadly, his dad was murdered in the summer of 1993 when 2 teenagers shot him in his car in an apparent robbery as he was driving from Charlotte to Wilmington. He was missing for 11 days until his body was found in a swamp. The teens were convicted of first-degree murder and a life sentence in prison.

College career:

In 1981 he enrolled at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and became an important member of the school’s basketball team. He scored the winning basket at the NCAA division championships in 1982. He got player of the year in 1983 and 1984. He left college and joined the NBA in 1984 and continued to play basketball professionally.

Basketball career:

He began his career when he was drafted at Chicago Bulls and he was 3rd to be picked overall which is quite impressive for a rookie. At the start of his NBA career he proved himself on court and scored an average of 28 points per game in the season. He got rookie of the year award and was selected for the all-stars game.

He became the first Wilt Chamberlain to score more than 3,000 points in a season. Jordan was the main part of the team’s success.

During 1984 he made his first appearance at the Olympics games as a member of the U.S. Olympics basketball team. It was held in LA and they won the gold.

He joined Washington Wizards in 2000 as a part owner and as president of basketball operations. In 2001 he announced he would join Washington Wizards for his 14th season in the NBA. He said that he was planned on donating his basketball salary to help those impacted by the 9/11 terrorist attacks. He then started playing for the Wizards for 2 seasons before officially retiring in 2003.

What’s he done since?

Since retiring in 2003 he has built an impressive lifestyle having secured lots of deals with major companies such as Nike, Coco-Cola, McDonald’s, Chevrolet, Ball Park Franks, Gatorade and many more. A personalised signature shoe referred to as the Nike ‘Air Jordan’ has now been turned into a whole brand known as ‘Jordan Brand’. He also appeared in a Basketball Bugs Bunny commercial. From 2015 he has been making $100 million dollars a year just from Nike itself. His net worth is now believed to be $2.1 billion thanks to the skyrocketing value of his NBA team. He bought Charlotte Hornet in 2010 for $175 million. He has also devoted some of his time and resources towards charitable groups.

If you want to find out even more about Michael Jordan there’s a documentary on Netflix all about Chicago Bulls, I really enjoyed it as it shows how the team all came together. It was a bit hard to get into at first but then couldn’t stop watching it. I would definitely recommend it.


What Sport Within School Has Done for Me – Hope Murphy

I have always been a sporty person, from before primary school till my last year of high school. In primary school I was part of many sports teams such as netball, tennis, country dancing, and football. As I transitioned into high school, I decided to join the girls football team where we played in tournaments and friendlies often.

After 2 years of playing high school football I wanted to find another sport to be part of. That is when I came across basketball within the school. I had never played basketball before, but I thought it looked fun and little did I know it would come to be my favourite sport! I have played for the girls team since S2 and have watched my teammates progress throughout this time. Being part of this team has allowed me to make new friends that I would not even know if it wasn’t for playing alongside them.

Not only has sport found me new friends but it has also opened many opportunities for myself and others. I have been nominated and won different awards, I have gained qualifications (refereeing, first aid, coaching etc), boosted my confidence to do presentations at primary schools about my sports journey, and has ultimately helped me get a job as a basketball coach.

Overall, people may think that joining a sport team within school is just a pass time but for me and many others it has aided us to become better people and offer us opportunities that could be of great benefit in the future. I would urge anyone who isn’t part of a team to find a sport you enjoy or think looks fun, whether you have experience or not, to go for it and join a team/ club because it was certainly one of the best things that could have happened to me!

Pupil Lockdown Fitness Stories – Emily (S6)

During lockdown I aimed to increase my fitness with various activities with all the free time I now have. I set a goal to be able to develop my stamina and strength for running. Each weekday morning I go on a 30 minutes run and I have done so for 6 weeks. This has not only kept me healthy physically but also mentally as I do this before any school work, giving me energy for the rest of the day. This allowed me to complete the ‘Run 5, Donate 5, Nominate 5’ for the NHS.

I have also been completing Les Mills classes such as Body Pump and Body Combat to gain strength and Body Balance and Barre to develop my flexibility. With my family, I go on daily walks to get fresh air and take a break and I have started the Chloe Ting workouts for May.

Exercise has helped motivate me during lockdown so far as it gives me a routine and keeps me active. It has given me a sense of achievement when I progress and this encourages me to keep trying.

Pupil Lockdown Fitness Stories – Hollie (S4)

During the coronavirus lockdown I feel it Is important to keep fit and keep up with exercise, I do this by going on runs, walks and doing workouts daily. I have taken part in Chloe Ting’s 2 week shred and her 2 week ab program since the start of lockdown every day. I also go on walks every second day with my mum and brother. We try to go out early in the morning and start the day off correctly. Every other day I go for runs. And at the start of lockdown I was nominated for the run 5, donate 5, nominate 5, to help raise Money for the NHS I timed myself and decided I wanted to see how much faster I would be able to do it by the end of lockdown. These are the ways I have tried to stay fit and healthy throughout lockdown and hopefully I will continue to do so for the remainder

10 Reasons to play Sport – Amy (S4)

10 reasons why you should join a sports team:

  • Gives you confidence.
  • Motivate you to exercise
  • Pushes you out of your comfort zone.
  • You discover skills you never knew you had.
  • Make new friends.
  • Become a great team player.
  • Improve your mental health.
  • You gain self-esteem.
  • Improves your social skills.
  • Gets you fit and healthier without noticing.

Being part of a sports team can give you a real sense of belonging and purpose. I started really getting into basketball in primary 7 when Mr MacWhirter asked me to come along to basketball training in the morning. I love being part of the school team and it has hugely helped my confidence and improved my basketball skills. We have a really great team who all work together and we have all developed so much.

Two years ago, I joined Falkirk Fury, I was super scared and nervous as it was something I had never done before. I didn’t know anyone and didn’t have as much experience as many of the other players.

I worked really hard to prove to myself and others that I should be part of the team. This was challenging but I put the work in. Training was 3 or 4 times a week with games most weekends.  I was exercising more than ever but ended up so much fitter whilst enjoying myself.

I had to push myself to have the confidence to get to know the other players.  Week by week I started to build friendships with many of the players both on court and in life.  Some of my basketball team are now among my closest friends.

I had the experience of participating in the U14 Scottish Cup, National Challenge and Monster Ball.  I couldn’t believe my coaches believed in me so much that they let me play in these so early on.  I loved every minute of these competitions and they boosted my confidence and self-esteem massively.

I would encourage anyone who is thinking about joining a new team sport to go for it as its one of the best choices I’ve made.

Pupil Lockdown Fitness Stories – Jaime (S6)

To keep myself active during lockdown I  have been walking my dog daily. Our favourite place to go is down at Kinneil Woods where he likes to explore amongst the trees and bark at the swans! This has ensured I’ve stuck to a routine of sorts as I have been getting up at the same time each morning. Alongside this I have been participating in group workouts through zoom led by one of my friends. Before Easter I found in particular the workouts created by the Pe department staff particularly worthwhile and enjoyable. I also stepped entirely out of my comfort zone to complete the 5K run challenge. This was a huge achievement for me as running has never been something that appealed to me. I have found it beneficial to use this time to challenge myself and try new things I normally would have avoided. Out with sport I have been learning Spanish on duolingo and advancing my baking skills. All of this has not only maintained my physical health but has helped keep my mental health good which is just as important during these unpredictable and scary times.

Pupil Lockdown Fitness Stories – Charlotte (S4)

I’ve always been active and thought lockdown was going to be really boring because a lot of the things that I would usually do to keep fit were cancelled however I think I’ve actually been even more active than usual.

Although we’ve been stuck at home I’ve been making sure to keep my fitness levels up. I am a flyer with Storm Evolution Allstars Cheer Team and we had just completed our first competition of the season when we were told to stay home. So although classes were cancelled our Coach very quickly set up virtual training and I train by using Zoom classes three nights a week. There are huge restrictions because Cheer is a team sport and we can’t meet up but we practice stretching and technique to work on our flexibility, conditioning to build strength and stamina and as a flyer I’m also required to do advance stretching and tumbling where we drill for back handspring, back tucks and pulling flyer positions.

In addition I have been following Chloe Ting’s high intensity working out programmes and challenges every day and doing Les Mill classes such as Body Combat, Barr, Body Balance and Sh’bam.

Like many others I was nominated to run 5km for the NHS 5,5,5 challenge which I was initially dreading but actually didn’t find it too bad once I started.

Pupil Lockdown Fitness Stories – Jana (S2)


During lockdown, I have been working on my new skills. I have been working on two in particular, aerial and back handspring. I built my way up by first of all starting doing some drills and done all of the skills I needed in order to reach my goal. Then I started working on the technique side of it all such as straight legs, arms and pointed toes. After that I decided to throw my tricks on the trampoline and tried it on there for a while before slowly moving down to the ground.

My Mental Health Journey – Hope (S6)

This week is mental health awareness week and I thought I should share my story of mental health in hopes of helping someone who may be reading this.

3 years ago I was diagnosed with depression, a mental illness that causes feelings of severe hopelessness and sadness, this made it extremely hard to do everyday tasks such as: going to school, eating properly, socialising and even getting out of my bed in the morning. Over these past few years, I have been working hard to learn how to live with depression and be able to cope with the struggles that come with it. I found that exercise/sport is one thing that has been beneficial for me, not only because of the chemicals it releases in your brain but also because it gives a sense of motivation. Knowing that I have basketball training to go to first thing in the morning almost forces me to get up as it can give me an outlet or distraction from my thoughts

Although I have become much better at controlling my thoughts and learned different ways to cope, it never truly goes away and that is something I would like to stress. People seem to think that you can ‘just be happy’ or ‘stop thinking like that’. It is not that easy, but you can learn ways to not let mental illness control or own you.

If you are experiencing poor mental health, I cannot encourage you enough to speak to a parent/carer, friend or even a teacher to lift a weight off your shoulders. Also some other positive things you could do is exercise daily, creating an outlet for your emotions whether that’s through art/music/sport and something I do most nights that helps me greatly is write down 3 good things that happened to me that day. It can be as simple as speaking to someone I miss over the phone to getting into a course I applied for. You are never alone in what you go through no matter how lonely you feel, every cloud has a silver lining.

Stay safe and show kindness!