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National Numeracy Day – 15th May





See how Education Scotland supports National Numeracy Day:  https://www.numeracyday.com/scotland

What’s the issue?

Let numbers improve your life

Attitudes towards numbers have been negative for far too long, but with your help, we can change that. We want to help make people feel confident and recognise the value and presence of numbers in everyday life.

Visit the National Numeracy Day home page to see how you can become involved.

Defining Good Outcomes

A guide to defining clear outcomes, expected impact and associated measurements to support improvement in education​.

The pack of resources can be adapted and used in Professional Learning sessions for school staff of all sectors and local authority education staff. This PDF would also be of use as advice and support to Schools, Parents/Carers, Partners and Communities.


SQA News – Certification of Numeracy

Certification of Numeracy

Certification of numeracy unit qualifications is available through the numeracy standalone units at SCQF levels 3, 4 and 5. To achieve the Numeracy units, you must gather appropriate assessment evidence to show that the candidate meets the requirements of the Numeracy units.

Candidates can also achieve the Core Skill of Numeracy through the National 5 Mathematics course or Applications of Mathematics course at grades A to D. Furthermore, the five Core Skills of Communication, Numeracy, Problem Solving, Working with Others, and IT, are available at specific SCQF levels, on the Core Skills profile that is included on every candidate’s certificate.

The Insight tariff accepted the previous National 5 Mathematics (and National 5 Lifeskills/Applications of Mathematics) course as a ‘proxy’ for Insight literacy and numeracy measures. The Scottish Government has indicated that this will continue for the revised National 5 course, now titled National 5 Applications of Mathematics, which is certificated at grades A to D.